Originally posted by softlysoftly:
Anyone know where I might be able to freely download a really nice Fender Rhodes electric Piano single shot sample ?...a nice laid back one. I'll MP3 you a nice rhodes sample I have if you can help. The one I have is good but not really Rhodesy enough sounding for my liking.

Hiya, we might be able to help. If you can send us an MP3 demo of the Fender Rhodes samples you have and perhaps a link to a tune that contains the kind of sound you want then we will browse our catalogue of Sample CDs to try and find you as close a match as possible. Alternatively, if you go to our website at www.inspirationsounds.co.uk then you can check for yourself. However, we have many items available that are not currently listed. We can get these listed upon your request and send you links so you can hear the demos to check out whether they contain the right kind of sound for you.

I hope this has helped. Please email me back if I can be of further assistance.

Best wishes,

Jan Franklin (Inspiration Sounds)