Problem: Canít receive music from my Casio WK-1630 keyboard to my PC using Microsoft XP.

Sending audio midi file from my keyboard to PC successfully, according to my manual. Problem is on computer receiving end. I don't know what to do next.

Audio software: Acid 4.0 and Soundforge 1.1

Instructions in both have no reference to how to receive midi files. I tried using the new MS Player 10 (with new recorder capabilities), and the standard MS Recorder. I just can't find any reference on how to receive keyboard or other device input and save it as a file. If I can get to that point, I know how to use the software.

Note: Device manager did show a midi device until I upgrade my operating system from MS 2000 to MS XP. Now it's gone. DXDIG (XP diagnostics) say my midi device is connected and working but I don't know how to access it.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Kindest regards,