Hi all,

I watched the Demo of the new AUDYA.
WOW! Superb!. Ketron did it again. I think that is a dream machine and only 38 lbs. Can't wait to here more demos and some more details + info. (Approx. release date and price, etc.)
But going back to reality, I am ordering the EXP. option for my (still great) SD1.

BZW: Yes, I am interested in your modified E. piano sound. (I am looking for a sound close to the "Galaxy E. piano" on the Yamaha PSR3000 and Tyros 1, 2)
Pls. check your Email. Thank you very much.

AJ: Pls. check your Email, I need details on how to do it. (I know you must be busy and excited with the introduction of the AUDYA, but I will be waiting for your reply.

Again, thank you all for your kind replies and help.