Hi Ron,
not that I'm aware of but maybe one of these may help?

Chord Player http://www.1manband.nl/
maybe one of these will do what you want. He has demoes on site.

Chord Player I haven't used.

OMB will load a psr style. In the "arranger " page of the software, you can type in a chord progression, put in the style parts & save as a midifile.

Busker will load PSR Style, type in a chord progress, lyrics , notes whatever you like. Agai you save it as a midifile.

best wishes

Originally posted by RonW:
Does anyone know of computer software that will let me enter the chords into my computer that can then be loaded into the PSR keyboard that will do the same thing that entering the chords thru the PSR keyboard does??
best wishes

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