Just FYI, I've got the same problem. It looks like the issue starts at Bank 112 at channel 56. All the GM stuff is ok but everything above Bank 112 channel 56 is off by one.

I am running Sonar XL. Every patch name in cakewalk for the PSR has a number. For example
the Live Grand Piano is Bank 113 and the patch number is 1. the cakewalk IDF I have seems to be all correct. when I select live grand piano in cakewalk. it triggers off patch number 2 on the keyboard which will be regular bright piano. so in order to trigger off Live Grand, I have to change the patch number to 0

This is the same for every sound, they all trigger off the sound with 1 number less than the number in the IDF. I technically have to get every sound and change them to 1 number down from what they are in the IDF in order to trigger off the appropriate sound on the keyboard. Its not hard to do this. but very time consuming.

has anyone experienced this before?? is there an easy way around it other than modifying every patch number in cakewalk/Sonar individually??