Originally posted by Tony Hughes:

Can anyone help I have just bought a second hand abiet only 18 mths old G70, the drawbars sliders if you look at the green level bars stick in one position, if you want to change the volume you need to push the drawbar up to the top and then you can adjust the volumes is this a software bug.


Hi Tony,

The feture you describe is perfectly normal. The slider will only 'activate' when you take it past the level it is currently set at (not the top). The reason for this, (and it's logical if you think about it) is the sliders could be set in any position, so when you open any menu that uses the sliders, all the parameters would jump to the slider positions, and you would have no idea where they were originally. Imagine your sliders were all at the bottom (off), as soon as you opened the drawbar menu everything would immediately be at the minimum setting. This way, you are telling the keyboard that you wish to adjust this particular slider from the current setting.

Enjoy the G-70, it's great!