Sorry to say that, due to personal and business issues (the death of a great long-time friend), my new G-70, SH-201, GW-7, FC-7 foot pedal and Gator case remain unplayed. The G-70 has never been out of the box. The pedal and case boxes haven't even been opened. I turned on the SH-201 and GW-7 to make sure they worked, but haven't touched them since. On top of that, Don has shipped me his Midjay controller and Ketron pedals, which will also sit unplayed until things clear up.

In the meantime, my old MS-60's are getting major mileage (still LOVE that board)!

I'll let you know when I get these new toys up and running. Planning to take a 2nd house job in late September, where I can leave equipment (The G-70, SH-201 and GW-7) so I'd better get my act in gear!

"Roland" Russ (I hope)!