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I am a Pa1X owner and lover of the board.
I sold my TyrosI to get it. I still have the PSR 3000 Yamaha, but I will probably sell it because I spend the majority of my time on the KORG.
However, I see something in the new Roland which I like, so I posted the demo here. The Korg really needs 128 notes of Polyphony.
Where did you hear that KORG was going to introduce new arrangers this year? I haven't heard that and no one is talking about it on the Korg Forum.


I read from a reliable source that Korg Italy is in the process of making a new line of Arrangers with USB 2.0. The source said that they would release the new Arranger line of keyboards this year i.e. 2006. I thought that it might be at this years summer NAMM session but low and behold Korg is not even going to summer NAMM!

Sources have been wrong about release dates before so it may be sometime 'next' year i.e. 2007. But it IS true that they are in the process of developing a new line of Arrangers with USB 2.0 capability. It might be a case where things are proceeding at a slower pace than Korg Italy anticipated thus delaying a 2006 launch. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for these new line of Arrangers from Korg. They will eventually hit the market and hopefully sooner than later.

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