I am desperately seeking to get out of the early 90's -- but I can't let go! Please help me with info. I seeking to purchase a synth, workstation, or combination of electronics that meets my idiosyncratic needs.

I currently have an old Yamaha PSR85 arranger keyboard-- and I actually love it! I play keys in a wierd cabaret band without a drummer -- and this works pretty good for me. I also hook up an old Dr. Synth tone generator for more sounds.

But I need to get with the times.
The two things I need are 1. sequencing drum beats; and 2. seperating drum beats from the rest of the keyboard sounds.

I have tried professional workstations -- like the XP80 --and have found them far too complex to do the kind of on-the-spot arrangin/composing i need to do. And playing live? Those workstations are tough.

But, I have maxed out the PSR85 and need to upgrade to something with better drum sounds and sequencing ability. I have been utterly disappointed by the modern PSRs. They don't seem to have the solid key action and durability of the older PSRs. the PSR85 actually has good, solid keys -- not the cheapo stuff.

Any ideas for the right Roland keyboard? Or should I trigger a drum maching with a good synth?

love any feedback anyone has!