I posted this already in the general arranger keyboard forum. Maybe somebody in the roland forum has tried out the mc-80 microcomposer. What is it worth composing songs with?
I am a guitarplayer and used to compose songs (soul, hiphop r&b) with my Yamaha QY 70. I sold it now because of the limited sounds (drums, brass :-( and limited variations per style. I thought the PSR 9000 or the X1 could fit the bill, but maybe the songs will sound allways a bit "stylish" (Yamaha- or Soltonlike) even if you can set up your own user styles. I was also considering a workstation like the korg triton (which seems the easiest to handle), roland xp, roland mc-80 micro composer or yamaha ex. Maybe a wowkstation could help me composing my own songs rather than use factory styles in line. With workstations I only fear the programming (I do not like tweaking sounds and stuff, I rather use good presets and tweak the effects) and - I assume - the lack of natural sounds because maybe these machines are meant mainly for techo-freaks. Iīve never tried out the mentionedvworkstations.
Currently I am using a korg arranger module i40m. Quite nice, but somehow I canīt get to make it sound like the songs I have in mind.
A pity that there is no decent qy-follow up equal in sound/style quality like the top PSR keyboards...
Anybody with experience who had to make the same decision and can give some detailed advice?
Cheers and thanks