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Now the best solution would be to either...

*(A) Create a STYLE BLOCK (block of styles within the Styles folder of your HD) you would like to use instantly with no delay) and use the Auto-load feature which will LOAD this new style block into RAM each time the keyboard is turned on. This way, you will experience NO delay when switching from one style to another.

*(B) Replace some of the FLASH styles (those denoted with Capital Letters) with your styles from HD. This will require that you delete some of the styles currently in FLASH; however, you will always have them in the newly created STANDARD folder.

The reason this is happening to you (probably after one hour) is that the HD goes into 'sleep/rest' mode depending on the time you set under DISK, UTILITY functions in order to preserve the life of the HD. The HD turns off when not used for a determined length of time. Now when this time elapses and you go back to access information from the HD, the disk requires some time to spin (turn on) and then 'read' the information. You will notice too that after the first 'read' operation, all the others are carried out successively quickly.

Set the sleep time to the max . value (don't remember for I do not have the SD1 infront of me at this time but will verify later tonight).


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