As badly as some stereo samples collapse to mono on most arrangers, I prefer to remain in stereo as much as is possible. To hear a glorious piano sound become pinched and phasey when played in mono is more than I can bear!

Why do you think they make these things stereo, and even record many instruments in true stereo, if they sounded as good when in mono?

Recording studios spend a LOT of time ensuring that a track, when collapsed to mono, doesn't sound bad... Sadly, it appears many arranger manufacturers don't bother as much with this step. And none of them offer mono pianos and strings, etc. that sound as good as the stereo ones do. My Kurzweil has a fabulous stereo piano... but at least THEY took the time to create a TRUE mono keymap of one side or the other of the stereo samples to create a mono sound that was not compromised by out of phase artifacts.

Arranger manufacturers could take a leaf out of THAT book!

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