Whoever is this Ketron technical adviser probably thinks we are idiots, and gives some ad hoc answers to the question asked. I don't think he/she has even used the SD1 sampler, otherwise, would not have given such a stupid answer.

SD1 can load more than 8 samples. I did it myself. I could even load 60 samples. You cannot load 513KB sample file, there is a limit which is below 300KB. If you try to load 513KB samples it complains that the file size limit has exceeded. When I loaded about 30 samples, the remaining memory is about 10MB. It has used about 6MB even though my total data size is only 1.5MB. Each file is less than 200KB.

So, everything given in that technical experts' message is wrong (as far as my SD1 is concerned). Isn't there anybody who really knows what is heppening in SD1?