I was in Sam Ash looking at some kb's
saw the Juno-Stage, was intrigued, as it was 76 keys, my preference-but the guys there couldn't help me with it and it was near closing time. I know it's not an arranger
but maybe it has other advantages?

I'm a jazz guy happily using my 76-key E60, but i never have used arrangers like most of you, i just use the bass and drum parts, on full kb recognition/intelligent setting. lately i've been adding different guest stars to my duo w bongo/percussionist,
and i'm finding playing my own lh bass is working out much better for the trio,
especially with the swing beats. in fact my lh bass chops are now getting freaky good.

so i'm wondering if i might be better off with a Juno-Stage than my E60? I have 2 E-60's so maybe swap one for the J-S?
does it have dedicated transpose? are the drum rhythms better?
is the key feel better? are the piano/rhodes/organ/vibes/gtr sounds better?
easy to store/access favorites? i know i'll love the trimmer shape 22 lbs v 28.5 for e60..and it looks more like a pro kb too, and it has mic input and vocorder..but I will miss the speakers in E60.
is it as easy to use live as the e60 (or easier?) i still wouldn't like
to depend on my lh bass for latin stuff..so is there a way i could use
whatever the Juno has to get bass line going, or is that doable only on E60?

should I try to trade one of my E60's for a Juno Stage? or am i dreaming i could part
ways with using an arranger?

Miami Mo
Miami Mo