1/2 bar fill still does what it does in a one bar fill... change it to a 2/4 bar. Not quite what you are shooting for

What I'm curious about is, firstly, whether Korg or Yamaha, etc. are ALL two bar fills, and secondly, if you hit the button for a fill on beat 2 of a bar, how does it know whether you want to go into beat 3 of the FIRST bar of a 2 bar fill, or the beat 3 of the SECOND bar...?

I don't recall bumping into this when I actually tried out other arrangers, but it might have slipped past in the general strangeness of it all!

So, do Korg's etc. go to bar 1 if you hit them during EVEN note bars, and Bar 2 if in ODD ones (that's the only way I can think round the problem), and what happens if you have an odd number bar phrase?