I had a strange crash on my G70 last week, and lost nearly all the UPG files from the HD (I had a backup, so little was actually lost).

This is the first time in over three years of heavy use this has happened, but anecdotal evidence has shown this to happen, again rarely, to other users. Obviously, it's so rare that a 'step by step' reproduction is impossible for one person to do, but maybe, if enough of us that have had it happen post details of what lead up to it, we might get a handle on how to avoid it, and maybe get a fix from Roland.

I have started a thread on Roland-Arranger.com to try and gather info about this. http://www.roland-arranger.com/smf/index.php?topic=926.0

If you have had this happen - and I should state that it isn't a simple DB corruption issue, but that the files were ERASED from my G70 HD - would you please post on this thread with your information.

Thank you....