I saw the show. It was fabulous. I have been to every James Burton Guitar Festival that they have had and each one has been sensational. Shreveport is truly lucky to have such a concert here every year or so.

Every single act was just jaw-dropping. Not only do you see guitar gods of all time, what strikes me is how well these guys sing. Most of them are in their sixties. The guy from Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner I think is his name, woah, amazing pipes. All of them sang great and played great. Sound overall was really good.

Of course, Delbert was great, as usual.

Charlie McCoy, the harmonica dude, I will never forget that performance. Same for Phil Keaggy. Some of them, like Doyle Dykes, I have seen before and they were as good as ever. As in, beyond belief.

Me and my date... $160 for two great seats in the house that made Hank and Elvis... four hours of music... worth it.

~ ~ ~