This may be encouraging to all you MIDI enthusiasts out there..

MIDI Manufacturers Investigate New HD Protocol

January, 2008

For the third year in a row, dozens of MIDI hardware and software manufacturers gathered at the Marriott in Anaheim CA, in conjunction with the Winter NAMM Show, to plan a new High Definition protocol for musical instruments.

"MIDI has worked fantastically for more than 25 years, but with today's computers and embedded microprocessors we can now do much more than MIDI was originally designed to do", said MMA President and CEO Tom White. "This new protocol will encourage market growth through more expressive products, improved ease of use, and new and innovative applications. Plus new HD devices and software will be compatible with all of the great MIDI hardware and software that already exists."

This proposed update increases the number of MIDI Channels and Controllers, and provides greater resolution in data values for all of the current MIDI 1.0 messages. Moreover, the HD functions are all accomplished with single messages, as opposed to compound messages in MIDI 1.0, which means using and editing the new messages will be far easier for both developers and users. The HD protocol also supports the creation of entirely new messages that were not practical with the MIDI 1.0 protocol.

"At this point HD-MIDI is still under development, but we've seen a lot of interest in this from both hardware and software developers," said White. "Our policy is not to discuss MMA Specifications publicly until they're officially adopted, but in this case we want to make sure that all qualified companies have the opportunity to participate before the first version is published later this year."

The original MIDI 1.0 Specification, developed in 1983, has been the foundation for interoperability of digital musical instruments for 25 years. The initial "MIDI 1.0 Specification" contained the rules for remote control of keyboard devices, but over the years additional specifications were developed for file exchange, sound exchange, synthesizer design, and new applications such as stage lighting and ring-tones. Today the term "MIDI" applies to the wide variety of file formats, applications, and device specifications defined by the MIDI Manufacturers Association.

The MIDI Manufacturers Association is an industry non-profit organization that is responsible for maintaining and extending MIDI. Formed in 1985 by the original developers of the MIDI 1.0 Specification, the MMA provides a forum where companies using MIDI can cooperate and collaborate to make their equipment interoperable.

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