Hi Glenn,
it's an interesting program.
I'm only using it for the midi functions, but it has some interesting audio capabilities also. Real Tracks ( audio instruments like guitars, saxes) & BIAB's Real Drums.

If you decide to buy, just make sure you check out the different bundles available.
I personally had my BIAB MegaPak up todate, & it only cost me $59 as a download.
May have to get in touch with them and ask them to post it, as I didn't realize the 3 sets of Real Track instruments that came with it, added up to 3 to 4 gigs of download. Even though I don't really use the audio, still silly to miss out.
I'm only on limited internet & I've got no hope of downloading the audio files.

It's great having a sequencer that can load the BIAB styles. Best part is you've got a bit more control over what tracks it generates or BIAB parts it regenerates.

We're starting a bit of a project over at Korg forums using BIAB mid files to create some Korg styles.
I'm hoping this software may just be the ideal sequencer for doing it.

best wishes
Originally posted by GlennT:
Thanks for the post. I've been a BIAB and PTPA user for years - great programs. This looks like it's worthwhile checking out.

best wishes

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