Exactly Ian...good points,

Yamaha is on the right track with the
S-series units, I'm dealing with its drawbacks using personal workarounds that allow me to perform in my comfort zone. Sounds/Style wise I'm satisfied for now. Ergonomically I'm OK with it but it needs a better angled or manualy adjustable DISPLY Screen, Navigationally I'm 50/50, it needs a better designed rear input layout, USB should be on the Front for easy access, MIC, In/Outs/Aux/Midi/AC/ etc, should ALL be to ONE Side not in the middle to affect cable positioning when using a KB stand like the APEX deluxe. Feature wise I'm 50/50 eg: VH needs a quality upgrade, MFD needs to save Transpose & Registration info,improvements are needed. Even at a few hundred dollars more to have these things is definitly worth it. I'm trying to wait patiently.

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