I have a laptop that I use for mp3's during breaks and also for midi play back w/ an SD2 & Cakewalk Sonar software). I noticed that I spend about 10-15 min. +/- on set up and break down time just for that application. With power cords for both, midi interface, mouse, wait time to turn on and shut down and then neatly pack everything in a laptop bag. It's becoming a pain in the you know where. so I'm thinking about the midjay plus, but I read on the Ketron forum that is has some real bugs with arranger end of it (using it as an actual arranger w/ a midi controller).
Has anyone else used it or own it? plus/ minus, etc.

I think it would be easier since its one single unit, I can output right into the input of my yam s900.

I would want the plus since it has the SD5 styles vs. the orignal that has the SD1 styles.

opinions anyone or new ideas for my current application.......... Thanks
Ketron X1 (Oldie but Goodie)