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I hate to suggest it, but I think it is LONG past time for the manufacturers to copy protect their styles. At least they would then have an incentive to make more styles AFTER the initial release, which they sure as hell don't, right now, with us trading styles around like bubblegum cards...

No profit... no new styles It's as simple as that.

Diki this is getting ridiculous that I am agreeing with you all the time now ....
What your saying definitly makes allot of sense my UK, Beach Playing, G70 KB artist!
Years ago proprietary styles was the way it was.....when You bought a arranger the styles it used were system exclusive & couldn't be shared by other manufacturers units....I liked it like that & there were many libraries of styles & sounds being created for different genres too which was nice... Styles are the engine of an arranger, WE NEED MANY MORE FACTORY QUALITY STYLES in every category that cannot be converted which most sound terrible anyway vs the factory ones. Ahhhh whats the use!