I've been considering another laptop. It would be used only for live gigging. My other one has all my business sensitive files on it and will remain at the office.

i'd be using it for lead sheets, fakebooks, set lists, dloading midi to use on the fly and mp3's and all the great michael B programs out there.

i've been comparing all the different features screen, speed, size etc.

last night i took my business laptop just to try it at a gig. I connected a 1/8" stereo jack into my laptop headphone input and the other end were 2 rca's. I plugged them into my pa. I got a buzzing noise with interference almost sounding like a bad ground on an old turntable. as I turned up the volume it was still there its just the music was louder.

After this i tried another cable, even tried an 1/8th" to (2) 1/4inche ends 1 in each channel. it still did the same thing.

i dont have a line out on my laptop only a headphone jack

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Any advice, or Am I a complete idiot?

Is there a certain type of laptop that has better results

God Bless,