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What if a Roland Keyboard/Music Product is received as a Birthday or Christmas gift? Does that mean that it must be RETURNED to the gift giver before warranty work will be performed on it? This would be very inconvenient at best, especially if the gift giver lives clear on the 'other side' of the Country. I should expect that providing proof of purchase date (receipt/invoice) a far more "just and fair" policy. I'm curious now what the US warranty policy is in this regard, of the other major arranger keyboard music manufacter's. I hope better than Roland's. Anyone here know?

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Hi Scott,

Our products are warranted for 5 years on parts and 1 year on labor and the warranty is not transferable.

It is my understanding that in the US it is not mandatory to fill out and return a warranty registration. All that is required is the original sales receipt to prove date of purchase. Although it is a very good idea to fill in the registration and return it to the appropriate address as this can be helpful for update notices, etc.

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P.S. Every country has specific warranty policies so I can only speak for the US.

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