As I've posted earlier, I'm in the process of creating a megavoice compatible sample library for use with software arrangers. This is so that people who like software, can use the styles from the Tyros 1 and 2, and people who work in studios without a Tyros can recieve a MIDI file composed on a Tyros and be able to use the data from the Megavoice tracks. My plan is to use my own samples from my guitars. I've got a Gibson Goldtop, Fender Strat, Takamine acoustic, a spanish handmade nylon guitar, a Fender Precision Bass, and I've borrowed an Acoustic Bass from a local music school. Now I just need to find out more specifically what types of samples are in the different sections of the megavoice. I've started using the datalist, but I've found it comes short in a few areas. So I've created this little midi file that will showcase all aspects of the megavoice if played on a Tyros 2. So therefor I'm asking if there is anyone out there, who is willing to play this back on his Tyros 2, using one or more megavoices, and send me the output in MP3 or WMA format on email. It doesn't have to be a high quality recording, since I'm not sampling the Tyros 2 directly, I want to use my own instruments, and tweak the sound to my liking, it's just as a reference, to get the best compability with the megavoice standard.

The midi file is here:

My email is: espen(a)
(exchange (a) for @ but you probably know that )

The midi file takes approx 3 minutes to play through. I've set it to be at 30 bpm to ensure I'm hearing everything. If that is two long for you, you can speed it ut to 60 bpm.

I will appreciate all the help I can get on this!