One time, I sang a George Strait song (All My Ex's Live In Texas) and changed a line to include the local town name. The song went well and then it was break time. I was talking to my girlfriend and two cowboys come up and proceeded to tell me what an a-hole I was, that I had insulted the King. George. Because I had changed a line in his song.

Friends and the bouncer took care of them before it got ugly but it was headed for trouble.

I just thought that was silly. Of course, some guys just like to fight. Back in the old days, fights were quite common. It seems to have mellowed.

I grew up with some pretty rough characters. Man, they'd fight just to fight. Start fights just for the hell of it. A little bitty guy, friend of mine, he'd do stuff like tell our hoodlum friend, "Man, you see that guy over there with the baseball cap? He said you're cowboy hat makes you look like a wannabe cowboy." The fight was on. Just stupid stuff he'd make up.

Just curious if it's ever happened to you. And why? What did you do (as a musician) to incur the redneck rath?
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