I Just sent the following email with 32 Midi files attached to my mailing lists. Drop me a line if you did not get the email and I will forward them to you in a few days once I have several names so I don't have to mail them out 50 or 100 times. Thanks to Dick Warnock for these midi files
Best to all

Dick Warnock has just purchased the Brand New Flagship keyboard from Roland, the G70, and traded in his Kn7000. I think he got a reasonable deal, and one I might consider myself.
Here are attached a zip file with 32 midi from the G 70. I suggest you play them in your keyboards using Midi GM2 setting.
If you play them in your computer media player bear in mind they will only sound as good as the sound card in your computer. But, you will be able to hear the styles.
So enjoy the music and get ready to buy your new keyboard.
Dick is in Oregon so I think he bought from a dealer up there but George Kaye is our dealer in Southern California.
Best to all
PS: I am interested in a deal for trading in my KN6000 that is no longer used, as I have 4 Technics Keyboards