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Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where to get an online manual for the K11 synth, or had one they would sell.

Thanks JNL


Best Manual I ever had was from Alexander Publishing but that was for my Kawai K-I-II back in 1989. Which, incidentally, I still have along with the keyboard. It seems when I bought my K-11 that I had trouble contacting them. But you can try--maybe they are still around.

Last know address is:

Peter L. Alexander Publishing, Inc.
3537 Old Conejo Rd Suite 101
Newbury Park, CA 91320

Phone number on back of book is:
(In California) 805-499-6620 or 805-259-6268
Outside California) 800-633-1123

Don't know if they are still in business, but their manuals are ten times more instructive than the ones from Japan.

If that fails let me know, I could copy mine for the K-11

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Larrie Dee
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Larrie Dee