First, I think you can get WK6 for very good price these days because they are going to be obsolete very soon after the official introduction of Genesys.

Second, why did you return PSR2000? What did you find lacking in PSR2000?

Third, in my opinion, wk6 is very well-built keyboard in my opinion. it is also the best composition arranger workstation keyboard. But you must first like the sounds and styles.

I suggest the following:

1) listen to this keyboard with your own ears. I guess I will give this advice to every single person trying any keyboard. The irony is that I bought sk880ps without listening to it. I just liked the specification so much. and it worked for me.

2) Contact George Kay for good pricing on this keyboard. Also contact Uncle Dave because he seems to get excellent excellent deals on keyboards. SK760 is similar to WK6 except it is 76 keys and without speakers. I think you can get it for about $1200.