Congratulations and welcome to the Tyros club!!! Don't worry it's only money.

The Tyros requires POWERED speakers to work effectively so if your Bose system is self powered with a powered sub-woofer, it may work. Terry and Scotty have done a lot of homework in this area so I'd pose the question to them. I use the Yammy speakers for at home and I use a stereo amp on the road.

I believe someone has converted the Roland and Korg styles to the Yammy format, but not necessarily to the Tyros. That's an extra step since you need to map the track voices to the Tyros hybrid voices. There are a few software programs out in freeware that will re-map voices for you. Michael Bedseem publishes a great program to do that. Check out the Svpworld forums for a wealth of Tyros and PSR related information.

The 9000 styles will work fine in the Tyros, but as I mentioned above, you will need to remap to the Tyros Hybrid voices in some cases.

Best of Luck!!

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