I just got off the phone with a Yamaha tech. He told me the 900 and Tyros are basically the same as far as contacts, etc. Not a good thing to hear.

After 8 months, the 3K is already acting up? What's with that? I don't play like Jerry Lee Lewis. I'm beginning to think that maybe it really is meant to be played at home and not a 2 -3 day gigger instrument

I have also noticed that some of my fills, etc are not behaving the same way as before, which are subtle, but bothersome.

2 boards is a great idea and I would buy another one for the reasons Beaky pointed out, but not if they have that short of life span....

Frustrated at this time because that A note is plain awful....ughhhhhh.

I ordered a strip, but the tech said it could be a number of things such as dirt, etc.

Hopefully this will be minor and I'm just having some bad luck.

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