Sorry to keep everyone in the dark. As George said, I'm very busy at the moment creating content for the new "beast".

The instrument will be unveiled at NAMM 2002 in January and, I'm afraid, until then I cant say much more. I had hoped that we would be releasing more information ahead of time but, as I'm sure everybody can understand, it's important that we give our competitors the absolute minimum time to emulate what this instrument will offer. That's just the way it is in our business.

I can tell you this much: the instrument is called GENESYS and it will completely redefine what is expected from arranger keyboards. At the moment, all arranger keyboards offer pretty much the same features - sounds, styles and a sequencer - some implemented better than others. A few keyboards have recently offered additional goodies like the possibility of displaying musical score on the screen, (an innovation which we introduced with the WX2 in 1993), but, apart from that, not much has really changed. The GENESYS goes way beyond this "accepted" set of arranger keyboard features and is sure to become the new standard by which all others are judged, (I hope that doesn't sound too pompous!)

Sorry folks but you'll just have to wait


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