Hi! My good friend just sold his Technics KN800, at least (used many years - very succesful!). Now he's planning to buy some brand new arranger keyboard. Because he want to have a good piano feel also, he would buy GEM SK880. Can somebody give as some advice about this great machine?...

1) Does the Operating System of the SK880 placed in Flash-ROM, so upgradable via Floppy Disk?

2) Was there some different editions of SK880, with hardware differences? We read that SK880 now have much more of Sample ROM. Does it mean that there are two or more versions (with some different in Serial No.), like Kurzweils K2500 made by YoungChang ('Z' in Serial) and earlies Kurzs, for example? If it's true, how we can recognize the newer stuff (by Serial number or something)?

3) We have very impressed with sample compatibility (w/ Akai, Kurz, WAV). Are the styles compatible with some other brands in that way (e.g. Roland, Yamaha, Korg...)?

4) Does the Hard Disk included in SK880 by standard, or as option? What about Vocalist?

5) What's current price of the SK880 in Europe?

Thanks in advance