I've owned an ASR 10 for several years. It was my first sampler & I love it for what it is. But there are some things I just can't get past that disturb me.

1.Can't read WAV / aiff files - wouldn't this be nice? All these great plug ins we have these days, just wish I could process & load it up.

2.Can't transfer samples from my CPU via SCSI (only midi) - I produce d&b & Recycle is an essential tool w/ my work. Transferring samples through midi is just to dam SLOW.

3. No resonant filters - how hard would it have been to just add this extra filter into the OS. The waveboy filter disk is great, but its just annoying. It taxes up the effects & cancels out other notes being routed through certain buses when modulating. To much time spent resampling on such a simple filter.

4. Ensoniq samples have a format there own - sure they read Roland & Akai samples, but those samplers don't read Ensoniq format.

5. Unreliable - I've had the board serviced 4 times already - 1. new floppy 2. outputs blown & replaced 3. Transformer replacement 4. problem #2 again w/ that lovely output expander (which should have been built in) being a cause of the problem.

So w/ the rapid growth of technology I just don't see the ASR standing up. I'm complaining a real lot & the smart thing to do would be get a new sampler. Right?!! ... Which I have looked into... I'd really like to own a new E-mu sampler, one of the Ultra's or just the good ole e6400, but they don't read ensoniq samples. My other option is a Kurzweil k2500/k2600 (which do read ensoniq disks), problem is I can't afford the beast. Akai... doesn't really have anything that the E-Mu's don't offer. Though one of my partners owns a MPC 2000 & its great, but not practical for me. ASR-X ??? (bwahaha) heard to many horror stories w/ that one.

Anyway can anybody kindly give me some advise or guidance? Being that my boards been in the shop & haven't been able to work ... the topic is really bugging me. But don't get me wrong I really do love this board despite all the BS, I just wish I could get past it. If you've gotten this far thanks for reading & sorry for my venting.
Any advise would be appreciated.
Take care