This is a personal opinion based upon 10 years of experience with Ensoniq. If I were you I would try to find something from another manufacturer. Ensoniq used to be a quality oriented group driven by a desire to put out a quality product. However, that drive seemed to end with the SD1, EPS, and DP4. When Ensoniq sold out to E-mu there was a strong hope that the good of Ensoniq would rub off on E-mu but, the venture had opposite results. Just as everyone feared, quality has been reduced and support is lousy. I'm not placing the entire blame on E-mu because the TS series, while it seemed more advanced, suffered from severe constant failure such as: faulty disk drives, power supplies which burned out the PCBs and displays, and an inferior and very squeeky keyboard assembly (yes it is a Fatar but manufactured to Ensoniqs' specifacitions). Although the effect section was GREAT, when the fx were cut it was very easy to detect the loop point in the samples especially in the lower range of the accoustic pianos. I'm not sure about the DP4 but parts for the SD1 and EPS cannot be even found within Ensoniq/E-mus' "boneyard". Too bad, I used to swear by Ensoniq and still, I would put the SD1 up against the D-50 any day. Oh well, my 2 cents.