You know one of the things about the X1 that This post is for other X1 owners. I'm not super happy with are the quality of the styles it plays other than the 198 factory presets. The 198 presets are incredible, without doubt. Yet I downloaded the PSR 9000 styles for the X1 and they don't sound very good at all. There seems to be parts missing and the sound is unbalanced. The styles that come on the harddrive of the HD version usually have only two variations and don't have the punch of the factory presets.

My question to other X1 owners is, being a writer of pop, folk, and rock songs who wants to make demos, are there really dynamic styles that I can buy or download? With my Yamaha PSR 740, I have downloaded styles off the internet that sound just as good as the ones that come with the keyboard. This has never been the case for me with the X1. Of course, loading styles on the PSR 740 is a nightmare compared with the X1.

I'm aware of the possibility that nobody's going to offer me a fair price for my X1, and I'm going to feel obliged to keep it. And if I do keep it, I want to get maximum enjoyment out of it.