I want to buy a groove box, and I am really interested in the ASR X pro with its Stomper synth section and its very phat sounds. But I want to know if the user interface of the ASR X (Pro) is also powerfull than the Akai's.
On the one hand I want to have flexibility to remix and rearrange sequences quickly and intuitively using sampling of several patterns of the sequence.
And on the other hand I know that in Akai MPC2000 there is one feature really interresting in. You have one mode to do a repetition of a single note at a given quantization (chosen in the main menu)when you hold on a pad. This feature is really powerfull to make Hiphop or jungle music.
So, is this feature exists in the ASR X Pro?
If not, what can I do to emulate this feature (without using resampling)?
Musicians, what do you prefer between ASR X and Akai MPC2000?