Ok. Maybe I was a little starry eyed. I jammed on the board for about 1/2 hour and was kind of overcome by the random effects the control knobs had. The machine has a way of coming off a bit more mystical and organic than the JP (the god of analog modeling.) While the JP is a true mind blower, it can be quite literal and clinical. The FIZMO has an unknown quality that I can't pinpoint, just a feel and a layering of sounds that would defy mechanical reproduction on the JP.
But after searching around (www.ENSONIQUE.COM has an adequate spec page & PR sheet on the board)I came across a review at musicmachines that brought me down to earth:

Best bet, get to a store and see for yourself. I am not a pro musician. Just an amateur composer, and I can see myself using the FIZMO as well as the JP-8000 to push the envelope, so to speak...
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