I have a synthesizer Ensoniq SQ-1plus and also earlier had ASR-10 sampler. I have transfer SQ-1 sequencer data into ASR-10 sysex recorder (SQ series allow dump int seq data via sysex) and them save to ASR floppy. Now I have sold sampler and I have only this ASR HD floopy with SQ song data. I looked through EPSDisk utility contents of a disk and converted these files in DOS on my PC. But, now I can not use these files (.syx), my program (for example KSEditor) does not accept these files, and also anyone sysx dump programs(appear -"not a binary Sys Exl file!")!
How I can load files from ASR diskette in my SQ-1plus now? or how to convert these files in normal .syx a format?
Any idea?
I am grateful for the answer!
please reply to provereno@pisem.net

Thank you!