and here's what i saw:
I am not used to piano keys, but these didn't have the "polished" surface a friend's real upright piano has. They had a mat surface. I am not sure i liked it, they seemed they had more pronounced edges.

I was not impressed with the sound either. The sound was the same timbre no matter how hard you hit the keys. No "brighter" sound on playing hard.

It has a fairly loud set of speakers, 3/10 or 4/10 it was good enough.

Has 3 pianos, and a set of others like hammond, church, vibes, clav, guitar, strings etc. Same timbre here.

The girl that owns it is on the last stages in getting a diploma or whatever they call it in piano, so if it suits her...

Well, I wouldn't buy it , since i cannot play the piano, but what do you think? is it really that dull, or I have to get a new set of ears?