The Emax II cannot initiate a MIDI sample dump it can only respond to a SDS initiated from another device. I've used both D Sound Pro and Peak SE to successfully transfer .AIFF and .WAV files from my Power Mac (under OS 8.1). First, you need to create an empty preset on the Emax. Second, select the MIDI Key # you want the sample to reside at. Third, initiate the transfer. WARNING SDS is not fast but it beats swapping floppy disks! To transfer a sample from the Emax to whichever software package you use - simply load a preset and select the MIDI Key # you want to transfer from n your software package. The Emax II Keyboard range maps as follows:

Key Name Emax II Pri Key # Sec Key #
A0 0 256
A1 12 268
A2 24 280
A3 36 292
A4 48 304
A5 60 316
A6 72 328
A7 84 340

Good luck