this may be a bit difficult. You will need to find dome disk images of emu samples(online) and do a raw burn. EMU stuff has a proprietary format(and filing system) until the ultra series came out which would allow them to read wav files. So after that, you may need to get an old macintosh with a scsi port that will serve as the "front end" to your sampler. That way the disc images you burn will be able to be read by the mac, dumped over scsi to the machine. You can get around this by removing a scsi cd drive from a macintosh and inserting the drive into an exteral harddrive case. I have done this with perfect results. The ESI seeks off the disk just fine, and I was able to save on zip or external harddrive.

I happen to have a fairly large amount of original EMU sample CD's. They are awful samples. You may want to find out if your ESI can read AKAI format. AKAI has some fantastic samples out there in thier "world traveller" series and there is another well done orchestral CD.