First of all, it doesn't look like this board gets very much traffic. If anyone knows of an active mailing list or message board that have more activity, please feel free to email me with its address. The only thing I have found is a mailing list which went under some time in 1995.
More to the point:
How does the 6400 compare to the Akai 5000 in terms of ease of use and reliability (from your experience)?
The only samplers I have ever used have been and Ensoniq EPS and and ASR-10. I found them to be satisfactory on most respects. Aside from locking up at the worst possible time.
I imagine the 6400s to be light years ahead in terms of sound and at least moderately more stable.
Another question. What are the capabilities of the 6400s 48 track sequencer? Does it have any features such a a percentage quantize or swing setting.
As an alternative I was thinking about getting an ESI-4000 and sequencing with an MPC2000. Are there any known compatibility problems with that? It's all midi info. That should matter, right? Anyway, sorry to take up so much space. I will keep it brief next time. Any responces are appreciated. Thanks.