Hi !
I'm planning to buy a nord rack 2.
Is the Nord Rack 2 adequate for Dance/funky music ? I like SOFT analog sounds in particular. I'm also looking for a good analog drum kit.
===> Is it possible to create new sounds that are VERY different from one another ?
===> Is it possible to split the keyboard so as to use the arpeggiator with the left hand and the lead sound(s) on the rigth hand ?

Do you think that the demo MP3 files presented at http://www.dlc.fi/~juccis/nordlead2.html
are representative of the real sound of the nord lead. (I like demo track 2 and the rest, but not track 1).
Are there many sound bank to download from the net.
Are there user pages ?
In view of these questions, do you think that the Nord Modular would be more adequate ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.