I am going to buy a keyboard which can be used with computer application "Truepianos" which is "VSTi" instrument , having its own simplified host application. This is important for me that the keybaord should
work with this "Truepianos" application or other VSTi instruments. The producer of "Truepianos" says it needs "midi keyboard" connected to PC.

The problem is that I have two unpopular Operating Systems on PC: Vista-32bit and Windows 7 RC-64 bit.
I will be fully satisified if the keyboard works with W7-64 bit. Vista-32 bit compatibility is minimum.

My questions are:
- Have anyone positive experience of using LK-270 or WK-500 with VSTi instrument on a PC computer?
- Did it require a driver (from Casio) instalation or it is "Plug & Play"? (in which case I can hope that Windows 7 will also recognis it)?

This would be my first keyboard. I want it to have
- 5 octaves
- dynamic keybaord.
- work with VSTi apps

So far I didn't play keyboard instruments, I just saw on Youtube people playing with Truepianos application and, having a little spare time, I want to follow, I have already got a book how to learn to play keyboard.