ALright, I am going to admit something. When it comes to MIDI, keyboards, et. al. I am a complete an utter noob. I have no idea what I am doing. But I think I might be grasping the concepts a bit. So here is my question.

I have an old Casio CT-640 keyboard with MIDI in/out/thru. I would LOVE to use this as a MIDI controller (basically just using the keys) but plugging it into a Hammond XM-2 Sound Module so I can get really good B3 organ sounds. I would also have to use the XMC-2 Drawbar controller so I could get handy controls of the Leslie simulator and drawbars.

My question is, would this work? Would I be able to turn my old Casio into a workable Hammond Xk3 simulator for a little under $1500?