Casio is undertaking a nationwide voluntary recall of model CTK-710 keyboards bearing specific serial numbers. Until you determine if you have a CTK-710 being recalled, you should unplug it and remove the batteries. The recalled units may present a smoke and/or a fire hazard

Serial number ranges affected by the recall: 7030001 - 7040400 or 7041901 - 7043500.
the serial number is located in the battery compartment.
If your CTK - 710 serial number is included in the above ranges, is missing or unreadable your CTK - 710 is subject to the recall.l No other casio keyboards are affected by this recall
Do NOT return the keyboard to the place of purchase.
For information on how to have the keyboard repaired, please visit

or call Casio's toll free number at
This notice was in the San Jose Mercury News Sunday morning April 1, 2007. I doubt very much that it is an april fools joke. Pass on the info to your email lists.