Some of you probably get fed up listening to me! But I've got quite a few mp3's live at the moment so here's making comparisons between the WK3500 and Yamaha's P60.


Yamaha P60:

Some people say the WK Piano tone is 'thin'. I think we have to remember that the WK is a keyboard/workstation, and in my opinion it stands up very well indeed to a graded 88-weighted hammer action piano. Staccato and grace notes/trills etc. don't work as well on an unweighted board, and if you push it really hard on piano it 'drops' a few notes - but hey, these things knock the pants off so many other instruments. You'll notice a quick drop from forte to piano at the end of the P60 piece. This contrast is also not possible on the Casio, but of course the P60 does not have a thousand and one things the Casio does!

If you're wondering about the tunes. The first one's mine, with a lot of 'spot that tune' bits in it. The P60 is a very handsome Christopher Reeve pursuing a very beautiful Jane Seymour through time after falling in love with her portrait . . .


Now I ask you, what other keyboard make on this site gets music like this to listen to (LOL)

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