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Do vocal harmonizers on arrangers still sound like vocals using autotune with the retune value set to 0? Can you employ some sort of portamento to the harmonizer so that if you do a vocal scoop the harmonies scoop with you rather than moving in nice half-step incraments? Some of the demos I've heard here the harmonizers always have the "cher" "Do You Believe in Life After Love" sound.
thanks. I've never owned a serious arranger in my life, but I'm thinking about a Tyros 2 when it comes out, and the harmonizer might just be one more feature I can actually make use of if they've made them a little more natural sounding.

I can't speak for all the others that have tried to use it but the Tyros harmonizer has some real problems. It does have some really nice harmony structures (country girls come to mind) which suited my voice perfectly but the inherent mistracking, which could not be tweaked out made it unuable for many users.

You can absolutely do (scoops) what you are asking with the TC Helicon Voice works. The harmonys are very good and can even be soloed. I am still building my personal library of harmonys because in my mind for truly realistic renditions it is important that the the structure is the right gender/part/range for a given piece of music. I gave up on Tyros harmonizer and use TC helicon now. I assign the left hand part to transmit channel 4 which is received by the Voiceworks.

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