Hi guys. If you'd ever have asked me if I'd have bought a Casio keyboard I have just laughed. That is until I discovered the WK3500. Wowee! this is fantastic!

Now let me tell you I've passed the big five-O and have been playing piano/organ/keyboards all my life, everything from Vox Continental to Fender Rhodes stage piano/Wurlitzer stage piano/acoustic pianos/Hammond tonewheels - you name it.

I originally intended to buy the Yamaha DGX505 until I tried it. It's about as inspiring as a wet weekend. Something then just made me have a look and listen at Casio's European website. I expected them to sound like some awful Bontempi organ or something! The Hammond rotary sound on the WK3500 made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!! I had years of playing Hammonds for cabaret backing. What a tool, what endless possibilities. I may need to come back to you all here for some of the 'tech' bits though! I raise my glass to Casio.